Support Services & Resources

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Optim Oncology Support Services

At Optim Oncology, we provide a range of support services for our patients. We offer Chemotherapy Classes to help you understand what to expect while undergoing chemotherapy.

Our financial counselors can explain your insurance coverage and obligations, provide several resources for co-payment assistance, and answer any questions you might have about billing and account payment.

Cancer Survivors

Another great resource can be cancer survivors. They know what you may be experiencing and can provide insight and inspiration. If you know of anyone who has gone through cancer treatment, talk with them, ask them questions about their experiences, and get their advice. There is nothing more valuable or encouraging than relating to someone who has fought and won the same battle you are facing. If you don’t know anyone who is a cancer survivor, there are many local support groups you are able to contact.

Community Organizations

The American Cancer Society is also a great resource for support groups. They also provide 24 hour access to a person who can answer questions or talk with you at any time.

Through the American Cancer Society, we provide a “Look Good, Feel Better” session every quarter. Each session is led by trained beauty professionals for female patients undergoing treatment. You will receive information on how to cope with skin changes and hair loss, and you may also receive complimentary cosmetic kits and helpful instruction booklets.


There is a wealth of information regarding cancer treatments and care available. A key channel for information about cancers and treatment options is the internet. We encourage you to explore credible websites and research the topics that are important to you. See our list below for a recommended list of credible internet sources.