Radiation Oncology

Our radiation oncologists use advanced radiation treatment technology to deliver precise doses of radiation to treat cancer.

Radiation therapy works on a cellular level, damaging cancer cells to prevent them from growing or dividing and may be recommended as part of the cancer treatment plan.

Recent advances in radiation treatment used for cancer allows our radiation oncologists to pinpoint radiation with even greater accuracy which allows us to spare healthy tissue and reduce side effects. With today’s technology, radiation therapy is safer and quicker than ever before.

Our board-certified radiation oncologists and radiation therapists combine their experience and compassion to care for you.

Optim Oncology radiation treatments include:

During your consultation you will meet with your radiation oncologist and the radiation therapy staff to discuss the recommended radiation therapy treatment and address questions you may have.

We don’t just treat your cancer. We take care of you.

Radiation Therapy

Learn more about radiation therapy cancer treatments Optim Oncology provides patients in the Central and Northeastern Oklahoma area.

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